Lone Star Silversmith is dedicated to making sure that every customer is delighted with every buckle they order. We have a dedicated staff of sales people ready to work with you every step of the way to make this western buckle your own. Whether its quality, price, or option, Lone Star Silversmith cannot be beat

This trophy buckle is hand sculpted by elite silversmiths, incorporating traditional talents and skills passed down through generations, but with the help of cutting edge technology. Each buckle you order is made piece by piece. To begin, the shape of the buckle is first carved out of the base metal. Every letter is cut by hand, one by one. The buckle is then examined for quality and accuracy and scoured of all imperfections. Once the custom buckle has met our rigorous standards, the sterling silver, gold, and copper will be fused on the atomic level to the buckle. The buckle is then cleaned and checked again for errors or impurities. In the final steps of the process buckle is polished and the stones are set. After one more round of quality control, your buckle is ready to be shipped out.