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This exquisite award buckle features astounding detail and at a very economical price. The face of this oval buckle is covered in highly polished, hand tooled shining silver. At the top and bottom are two large gold ribbons that can be hand engraved with black lettering. In the middle, a gold motif of your choice that best represents the award and your organization can be placed. On each side are two gold flower shaped stones settings with gold florals that branch out of them. Around the entire buckle is a border of gold rope.

All of our handmade award buckles come with free customization. Though these buckles are a little more limited at this price point than other buckle series, you still have plenty of options to make this buckle your own. We never charge per letter, so as long as it physically fits on the ribbons, the price will not change. Choose from any of our beautiful motifs, or if you don’t find one you like we can create a 2d lasered custom one. You also have a wide selection of different stone colors to choose from. We can even change the border up if you see one on another buckle you like. We are committed to providing you an award that perfectly fits your organization’s needs and sensibilities.

This custom buckle is hand sculpted by elite silversmiths, incorporating traditional talents honed through generations, and cutting edge technology. The base is cut from a sold block of metal. The artists then begin carving out and etching in the edge designs. Each floral and letter is meticulously hand cut and shaped. Once all the detail is complete, each piece is hand welded onto the base. The buckle is then sent to be plated with precious metals. The buckle is dipped in a bath of pure silver, gold, and copper. An electrical current is run through the bath and the precious metals are fused to the buckle in an ionic bond. The buckle is then polished, and coated with a micro thin lacquer that prevents tarnishing. This ensures your award buckle will shine brightly for a lifetime. Lastly, each individual stone is fitted into the buckle.