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Our trophy buckles are handmade. Our expert silversmiths utilize cutting edge technology, the finest metals, and skills developed and passed down through the centuries. The shape of the buckle is first carved out of the base metal. Exercising painstaking and exacting care each letter and floral design is precisely cut by hand. Once all the detail is complete, each piece is hand welded onto the base. The buckle is then sent to be plated with precious metals. The buckle is dipped in a bath of pure silver, gold, and copper. An electrical current is run through the bath and the precious metals are fused to the buckle in an ionic bond. The buckle is then cleaned and checked again for errors or impurities. The background is then painted, stones are set, and the whole piece is polished to a brilliant luster. Finally the buckle is coated by a micro thin protective finish that ensures the buckle will never tarnish and shine for a lifetime.